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She thought, with a half-smile, of yesterday's adventure. What importance that foolish Tabitha gave to so simple an incident; the merest commonplace courtesy, necessitated by circumstances; and only because the person who had been commonly courteous was Richard Hulbert, thirteenth Baron Lostwithiel. Thirteenth Baron! There lay the distinction. These Cornish folks worshipped antique lineage. Tabitha would have thought very little of a mushroom peer's civility, although he had sent her mistress home in a chariot and four. She was no worshipper of wealth, and she turned up her blunt old nose at Mr. Crowther, of Glenaveril鈥攖he great new red-brick mansion which had sprung up like a fungus amidst the woods only yesterday鈥攂ecause he had made his money in trade, albeit his trade had been upon a large scale, and altogether genteel and worthy to be esteemed鈥攁 great cloth factory at Stroud, which was said to have clad half the army at one period of modern history..
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"You don't like the elder Miss Crowther?" speculated the colonel.!
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They went in to dinner presently, Captain Hulbert and Isola, Mr. Colfox and Allegra. Tho table was a small oval, at which five people made a snug little party. There was a central mass of white chrysanthemums, a cheerful glow of coloured Venetian glass, delicatest pink and jade-green, under the light of a hanging lamp. John Hulbert looked round him with a pleased expression, taking in the flowers, the glass, the cream-white china, the lamplight, everything; and then the two fair young faces, one pale and pensive, the other aglow with the delight of life, eagerly expectant of new ideas..

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Mrs. Baynham's conversation at one of her own dinners was apt to be somewhat distracted and inconsecutive in substance, although she maintained a smiling and delighted air all the time, whatever anxieties might be wearing her spirit鈥攁nxieties about the cooking and the attendance鈥攁ngry wonder at the prolonged absence of the parlour-maid鈥攄istress at seeing the lobster sauce dragging its slow length along when people had nearly finished the turbot鈥攁gonizing fears lest the vol au vent should not last out after that enormous help taken by Captain Pentreath, in sheer absence of mind, perhaps, since he only messed it about on his plate, while he bored Miss Crowther with a prosy account of his latest victory over an obstinate demon of the Jack family鈥"such a devil of a fellow, three feet long, and with jaws like a crocodile."
"No, no; we did not quarrel. I liked Tabitha very much. I was almost as fond of her as you yourself could be."
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The best!